Terms and conditions

Article 1: Online Shop
The Online Shop FranceParacord is available at internet www.franceparacord.com.
The commercial offer of FranceParacord covers all of the products featured in the catalog Online Shop.
Online Shop mentions the essential characteristics of each product, price and delivery terms.

Article 2: General
Any order placed by a buyer on the Online Shop is subject to these Conditions of Sale to the exclusion of any other document, including general conditions of purchase of the buyer.
All terms and conditions contrary to these Terms and Conditions contained in purchase orders and more generally any type of correspondence from the purchaser will be deemed to be invalid and will not have any contract between the parties. There can be no derogation to these Terms and Conditions by express written agreement of FranceParacord.
The information on catalogs, brochures, advertisements, notices or other documents FranceParacord are indicative only and not binding FranceParacord that can change at any time.
FranceParacord reserves the right to correct any clerical error or inadvertent omission of these Terms, as well as any other contractual document.

Article 3: Order
All orders must be made through the Online Shop by clicking the "Submit" button. The command is closed when the buyer has successively completed the mandatory information headings "Identification", "Entering your contact information", "Choice of mode" and "choice of payment method."
The order is confirmed by FranceParacord by sending an email to the buyer.
Any order on the online shop implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions which the buyer acknowledges, prior to placing the order.
The buyer agrees to be eighteen years of age at the date of the order.
In case of non compliance with these conditions by the buyer, FranceParacord reserves the right to cancel any or all outstanding orders or suspend deliveries of goods.

Article 4: Availability of stocks
The products are offered and delivered within the limits of available stocks.
In case of unavailability of the product ordered, FranceParacord inform the buyer and can offer him a product of a quality and a price equivalent, or failing that, to have an amount of usable command on the Online Shop.
In case of buyer's disagreement, FranceParacord reimburse the sums paid within three (3) months.

Article 5: Validity of the order
FranceParacord reserves the right to refuse any order for legitimate reasons and especially if the quantities ordered, by means of one or more commands are disproportionately high relative to the quantities normally ordered by the buyers as users.

Article 6: Price
The price is payable at the time of the order on the Online Shop.
Product prices are quoted in Euros all taxes included, excluding shipping costs, which are indicated on the online shop.
The prices charged are those products listed on the Online Shop at the date of confirmation of the order by the buyer.
FranceParacord reserves the right to change the rates in force in the Online Shop at any time. The tariff change will be automatically applicable at the date of publication of the change in prices on the Online Shop.
All orders, whatever their origin, are payable in Euros only.

Article 7: Reservation
FranceParacord retains full ownership of the goods until full payment of their price in principal and interest by the purchaser.
Until full payment, the buyer agrees not to resell unpaid products, not to dispossess and to take all steps to ensure that these products are kept in the state in which they were delivered and they remain individualized as the property of FranceParacord.

Article 8: Shipping Charges
Shipping fees vary depending on the type chosen and the place of delivery carrier selected by the buyer.
The Colissimo delivery charges are offered from 100 € purchase tax for shipping addresses located in Metropolitan France only.

Article 9: Payment
The buyer has the option to make payment of his order through different modalities that are:
by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, American Express) through the online services offered by PayPal.
FranceParacord reserves the right to change the payment methods available at any time.

Article 10: Export Sales
If delivery to a country other than France, the buyer is deemed to be the importer of the products concerned.
FranceParacord advises buyers to learn about these requirements to the competent local authorities prior to any order Online Shop.

Article 11: Buyer's Right of withdrawal
The buyer has a period of seven (7) days from the receipt of the products to exercise his right of withdrawal without any reasons or pay penalties, except charges return products remains dependent.
The return of the product will be exchanged or, if not possible, a credit note on the Online Shop.
The buyer can not exercise his right of withdrawal in the event that the goods in question were manufactured according to buyer's specifications or clearly personalized or which, because of their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

Article 12: Delivery and shipping
All orders are processed by the client FranceParacord Internet service from Monday to Friday, except holidays. The order processing takes place:
the day after the online payment for the order on the online shop, in the case of a payment by credit card (transaction accepted by Paypal online payment solution).
the day of receipt of the transfer in the case of payment by bank transfer.
Orders are then shipped Monday to Friday, except public holidays, within five (5) business days from the day of order processing.
An email confirmation of shipment of the order is sent to the buyer on the day of the actual shipment of the order.
The delivery (from the effective date of the shipment of the order) for delivery addresses in France depends on the chosen mode of transport: 48h via Colissimo, within 4 days via shipping by MiniMax. Compliance with these delivery rests on the carrier, not to FranceParacord.
For the Colissimo transport mode, a number of monitoring the progress of the delivery status is indicated in the email forwarding order confirmation sent to the buyer by FranceParacord. Monitoring the delivery is made on the website of these transporters via the link provided in the email sent by FranceParacord.
If shipping delay of the order of more than ten working days, the buyer can cancel the order and request a refund by sending a registered letter with return receipt to FranceParacord, provided that the order n 'has not been delivered before the date of receipt of that letter.
It is expressly agreed that the buyer becomes responsible for products upon delivery, delivery resulting in the transfer of risk to the buyer's expense.

Delivery is made by delivery of the products to a carrier.
In all cases, products are shipped at the risk of the purchaser, even when they are shipped at the expense of FranceParacord. It is the buyer, in case of damage, theft, destruction or partial or total loss, exercise any recourse against the carrier, the liability of FranceParacord may in no case be engaged under this head.

Article 13: Product Warranty
Products sold materially correspond to the specifications presented to the buyer by the Online Shop when used in strict accordance to the functions for which they were sold.
Except as provided in these Terms and Conditions, no warranty, condition or undertaking, implied or otherwise, legal or otherwise, relating to the condition, quality, manufacturing, market value , resistance or suitability of products for their use are given or assumed by FranceParacord, subject to applicable legal provisions.
Unless otherwise provided by law, the responsibility for FranceParacord shall in no case exceed the amount of the invoiced value of goods.

Article 14: Intellectual Property Rights
The www.franceparacord.com site and each of its components (such as trademarks, domain names, text, directory, software animations, images, photographs, illustrations, packaging, patterns, logos, sounds and music) are owned Exclusive FranceParacord or third parties who have duly authorized FranceParacord to exploit these elements, which alone is authorized to exploit the intellectual property rights related.
No part of this site may be used, reproduced, distributed or published in whole or in part without prior written permission of FranceParacord.
The use of all or part of the site www.franceparacord.com, including downloading, reproduction, transmission, representation or distribution for purposes other than for your personal and private use for non-commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Article 15: Hyperlinks and comments
The creation of hypertext links to the site www.franceparacord.com is subject to the prior written permission of FranceParacord, which can be revoked at any time.
FranceParacord accept any liability (including editorial) concerning access to the sites - and their content - have a hypertext link or the www.franceparacord.com site.
FranceParacord reserves the right to remove any comment posted by a user and / or buyer www.franceparacord.com on the site.

Article 16: Access to the Online Shop
FranceParacord reserves the right to make modifications to Online Shop and www.franceparacord.com on the site at any time without notice.
FranceParacord disclaims all liability for any interruption or inaccessibility of the site www.franceparacord.com, bug occurrence of, or damage resulting from fraudulent acts on the part of third parties (including intrusion) from the website www .franceparacord.com.

Article 17: Circumstances liberating
FranceParacord is freed from his obligations by the occurrence of events constituting force majeure, fortuitous events or acts of government.
As such, particular are regarded as force majeure or fortuitous the following events:
fire, flood or other accident causing complete or partial destruction of stocks or supplies FranceParacord,
strike, lock-out without the need to search through the fact that the movement was born,
the occurrence of a natural disaster, a war, a pandemic episode
lack of power or raw materials resulting from a cause general, as including the stoppage of transport, the interruption of electric power, machinery breakdown,
any cause of disruption due to supplier FranceParacord.

The sales contract between the buyer and FranceParacord is then automatically suspended without pay, from the occurrence of the event date.

Article 18: Personal Data and Privacy
According to law "and Freedoms" of 6 January 1978 as amended by the Act of 6 August 2004, the collection and processing of personal data by the buyer via the website made the object of www.franceparacord.com a declaration to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés.
FranceParacord is responsible for processing of personal data, with the exception of processing carried out by the company Paypal.
to. Data collection
The visit and consultation of the site www.franceparacord.com does not require the disclosure of personal data of the user.
FranceParacord may collect the personal data of the buyer when ordering products on the Online Shop.
Essentials to FranceParacord information to fulfill its mission as described above are indicated by an asterisk.
In case of refusal to provide the information indicated as mandatory, FranceParacord will not be able to fulfill its mission.
The buyer undertakes to communicate accurate information and not detrimental to the interests and rights of others.
b. Privacy
FranceParacord is committed to preserving the confidentiality of personal data of the buyer.
Sharing and disclosure of personal data
FranceParacord is the sole recipient of the personal data of the buyer, except the data provided by the buyer to the company Paypal.
FranceParacord transmit the personal data of the buyer to third parties only in the following cases:
when the buyer has agreed in advance to share this information (eg for a special promotional event)
when FranceParacord should share this information with delivery services to provide the service requested by the purchaser, or
when FranceParacord receives the request of a judicial authority or any administrative authority empowered by the law seeking the disclosure of such information in accordance with existing legislation.
Storage of personal data
The buyer's personal data are kept for the time of the use of his account, either increased within 18 months from its latest navigation or use of their account or a period of 18 months the demand for deletion of his account to prevent possible illicit behavior after the deletion of his account (reuse old account of the buyer by a third party).
The buyer's electronic identification data and cookies are retained for a period of 18 months from their collection or last updated.
Rights of access, modification, correction and deletion
The buyer has a general right to access, modify, rectify or delete their personal data.
The buyer can exercise his rights by sending a letter to:
11 rue de la Motte Size
44320 ARTHON in RETZ
Safety measures
FranceParacord implementing means to ensure the security of the files generated from the personal data collected on the www.franceparacord.com site.
FranceParacord not control the risks associated with Internet operation and draws your attention to the existence of potential risks in terms of confidentiality of information transmitted via this network.

Article 19: Cookies
FranceParacord may have to place a cookie on the user's computer. A cookie does not identify the user; however, it records information about the navigation of its computer on the www.franceparacord.com website (pages visited, date and time of visit, etc.) that FranceParacord may read during subsequent visits to the internet. So FranceParacord offers the user to facilitate navigation by recording information about the navigation of its computer on the site www.franceparacord.com, including its connection settings to their account.
The cookie contains information that the user has communicated to FranceParacord. Thus, the user will not need during his next visit, to fill in the form again.
FranceParacord informs the user that he can oppose the recording of "cookies" by configuring their browser to this effect.

Article 20: Contact
For questions, we thank the Internet and / or buyers to kindly send a message to FranceParacord their request by filling in the space dedicated to the "Contact Us" available on all pages of the Online Shop.
FranceParacord coordinates are also available on every page of the online shop in the "About us".

Article 21: tacit No Waiver
The fact by any Party at any time whatsoever, not to exercise a prerogative granted to it by these Conditions of Sale, including not to proceed with the termination of the sales contract or to exercise this prerogative late, or not to require performance of any provision of the Terms of Sale, can in no way be construed as an express or implied waiver of that Party, the right to exercise that prerogative the future, nor to his right to require the scrupulous implementation of the commitments made by the other Party to take any action or claim it may have in relation to breach of contract by the other Party, or possibly its right to terminate this agreement for any breach of the same or of a different nature.

Article 22: Applicable law - Competent courts
These general conditions are exclusively governed by French law, to the exclusion of any other right, with roots in the Vienna Convention of 11 April 1980 on the international sale of goods.
Any dispute arising from the application, interpretation and enforcement of these Terms and Conditions, under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Paris, including in cases of appeal or multiple defendants.