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  • Nano Paracord

    Nano paracord is the smallest paracord, approximately 0,75mm in diameter.

  • Micro Paracord

    Micro paracord is the smallest paracord after the Nano paracord, approximately 1,18mm in diameter.

  • Paracord 100 Type I

    The paracord type I is considerably smaller than the paracord 550, it's diameter is about 2mm compared to about 4mm for the paracord 550. The braided sleeve is made of 16 wires which gives it a relatively smooth appearance. Inside the sheath is 1 strand having a strength of about 35 pounds. This inner strand is itself composed of 2 yarns having a resistance of approximately 17.5 pounds each.

  • 275 Paracord

    275 paracord is braided from 16 strands and the core made up of 4 yarns.

  • Paracord 400 Type II
  • 425 RB Paracord

    The 425 RB paracord is a paracord containing 3 inner strands with a resistance of about 35 pounds each. Each inner strand is itself composed of 2 strands having a strength of about 17.5 pounds each. Its sheath is braided from 16 strands for a total strength of 192 kg before breaking, and an elongation of minimum 30%. With a diameter of about 3mm, this paracord dries quickly, does not decompose and is not sensitive to mold. Made in the USA by an army supplier.

  • Paracord 550 Type III
  • Paracord 650
  • Paracord 750 Type IV
  • Paracord Dyneema

    1250 Paracord Dyneema is made from one of the worlds strongest fibers, the Dyneema fibers are used in the bullet proof vests. The minimum break strength is 1250 Lb ! Paracord Dyneema is more than 2,5 times stronger than the 550 paracord.

  • Paramax 1/4"
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Showing 1 - 12 of 518 items